General Information:

The Houghton Lake Sportsmen’s Club provides indoor and outdoor range areas for members interested in archery sports.  During the year the club has an Archery Practice League and provides instruction as needed for members and families for this shooting sport.  The indoor range is available year round and the outdoor range is available during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. The Indoor Archery Range is located at 2929 Tower Hill Road in Houghton Lake.

Members are reminded to observe the posted notice on the front door at the clubhouse when Archery Practice is in session and enter the clubhouse from the side door of the building.  


Wednesday Mornings at 9:00 a.m. Until May 3, 2023

The league will meet at the clubhouse at 2929 Tower Hill Road each Wednesday morning for practice. 

Members may contact Glenn Campbell at 313-802-7197 for further information and details.

The Indoor Archery Range is located as you come into the clubhouse and is made up of five Spyder-Web arrow recovery boxes.  Only Sharp Field Point Arrows can be used — No Broad Head Arrows.  The floor is marked for proper distances for archery competition.  Crossbows are permitted, but only on the targets marked for them.  There is a magnetic sign located on the inside entry door that must be placed on the OUTSIDE entry door when the archery range is in use.  It is the member’s responsibility to return the sign inside when finished shooting.  During the time when the Indoor Archery Range is in use members must enter the clubhouse using the side door that opens into the kitchen area.

    The Outdoor Archery Range is located at the south side of the clubhouse off the parking lot area.  This range is also a basic range for field tipped arrows (No Broad Heads allowed).  You may shoot at any safe distance you choose.