Current By-Laws of the Houghton Lake Sportsmen’s Club
Revision Date: 11/4/2019
The name of this organization shall be the Houghton Lake Sportsmen’s Club, Inc., a non-profit 501 (c) (7) organization, hereafter
to be known as the “Club”. The Club address is 2929 Tower Hill Road, Houghton Lake, Michigan 48629. The Club mailing
address is: P.O. Box 463, Houghton Lake, MI 48629. This post office box may also be used as the legal post office address.
The mission of the Houghton Lake Sportsmen’s Club shall be to promote fellowship among sportsmen and women,
good sportsmanship, conservation of wildlife, responsible hunting practices and civic responsibilities. The Club purpose is to
provide a facility for the provision of a private, safe environment for archery, rifle and pistol shooting to Club members. The Club
supports the second amendment in principle and practice.
Section 1: Any citizen of the United States 18 years of age or older may apply for membership in the Club upon payment of the
annual dues (which may be prorated once a year on January 1, for new members only), along with the initiation fee of $10.00.
Family Membership initiation fee of $15. See “Section 7” for dues information.
Section 2: Application for membership shall be endorsed by at least one member of the Club, who will be their sponsor, and be
presented in person to the Board of Directors at the next general membership meeting. A person and their partner may join under
the family plan by paying an additional initial fee of 50% over a single membership plus a $15 initiation fee. A current member
whose partner joins will pay an additional 50% over a single membership fee and not need to pay the initiation fee. Under a
family membership both members will have the same privileges and voting rights as an individual member. In the event that the
applicant does not have a sponsor, he/she must be interviewed by the Membership Director or at least one Board member who
will act as their sponsor.
Section 3: All applicants must be approved for membership by a majority vote of Club members present at the General
Membership Meeting. Approved applicants will have a six month probationary period to learn and demonstrate
compliance with the Club’s rules. If the board feels it would be a benefit to the club the 6 month probation period may be waived.
Section 4: A member’s family; their partner, children (under 18) and grandchildren (under 18) may have use of the facilities
when accompanied by a member. Members can bring an occasional guest no more than 3 times within one year. Any further use
of the club facilities requires that person to become a member. Further, the member shall not allow or authorize any non member
to use the facilities unless that member is present.
Section 5: All new members shall be issued Rules and Regulations and By-Laws of the Club when given their initial
membership card.
Section 6: Only members in good standing will be allowed to take part in the voting procedure (1 vote
per paid membership). Probationary members shall not vote in Club elections.
Section 7: The membership year shall be from June 1 until May 31 each year. Application forms for new or renewal of
membership will be available via mail, e-mail, or on the Club website along with the “Hold Harmless Agreement”.
Renewal dues are adjusted based on the member having fulfilled their “8 hour work or 12 work hours for Family
Membership ” requirement for the Club. Dues are to be paid by the end of June. If dues are not received by July 1, the
membership is considered to have expired and the individual will need to reapply and again pay the initiation fee.
Section 1: Whenever the conduct or character of any director or member shall injure the welfare, interest or
character of the Club or may be in direct violation of the Club’s Safety Rules or Rules and Regulations, the
director or member may have their membership suspended or terminated. Charges must be referred to the
Board in writing. The Board will present the charges to the accused and he or she shall have fifteen (15)
days to respond to the Board, either in writing or orally. If the accused requests it, a special board meeting
shall be convened for this purpose. If the charges are found to be valid by a 2/3 vote of the Board, and if the
suspension is to be for more than thirty (30) days, plus a possible extension of thirty (30) days more for a
total of sixty (60) days, it will be presented to the membership for their vote. If the recommendation is for
termination, this will also be presented to the membership for their vote.
Section 2: A member who violates any of the Safety Rules, Rules and Regulations or League Rules of the Club, while
participating in a club activity, will be subject to review for the said violation. The Board may, at its discretion and without
membership vote, suspend a member for up to thirty (30) days from club activity and, upon further review of incident, may
extend suspension for an additional thirty (30) days, up to a total of sixty (60) days if necessary.

  1. When a violation occurs the RSO must stop the activity and address the violation with the member.
  2. The member may be asked to leave the shooting activity at this time until the severity of the
    violation can be addressed between the RSO and the Range Director.
  3. If the violation with the same member occurs again, or the severity of the violation is such that it
    could cause injury to the member or others, the RSO must write an incident report on the offense and
    submit it to a Director.
  4. A Director will review the written report from the RSO, and direct it to the Board of Directors for
    further review under Article IV of the by-laws. The Board will review the incident to determine if the
    member will receive a possible suspension or termination.
  5. All incidents at the Club resulting in damage, theft, and rule violation, injury to member or non-member
    must be reported to the proper Director(s). It is mandatory that a written report be filed.
    Section 3: A person whose membership is suspended or terminated for any reason shall have no rights or interest in any
    property of the Club, real or personal, and shall forfeit all dues, range fees and special assessments paid or donated to the club.
    Suspension shall be defined as loss of club privileges. Any person suspended or terminated shall be banned from club property
    for the duration of the suspension or termination. Should the board recommend additional training for the accused, he or she will
    have the property ban lifted for that training only.
    Section 4: A member terminated from club membership shall not be considered for reinstatement at any future date.
    Termination of club membership is permanent.
    Section 1: The Rules and Regulations are in place to assist in the safe and efficient operation of the Club.
    Section 2: The Rules and Regulations are subject to amendment. A member(s) must submit the purposed change(s) in writing to
    the Board for review. The Board will have 30 days to discuss and review the purposed change(s), and at the next Board meeting
    it will be presented for a vote. A 2/3 vote of the Board is required to make any changes.
    Section 1: The Board of Directors shall consist of nine (9) members: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and
    Directors in charge of Membership, Publicity and Public Relations, Ranges, Building and Grounds and Leagues. Each director
    shall be required to observe every league event for a minimum of one (1) hour at least once per year.
    Section 2: The business, property and affairs of the club shall be managed by the Board. The Board shall
    have the duty and responsibility to maintain a fully functioning Board of Directors at all times. They shall
    have jurisdiction over all events and activities of the Club and provide rules and regulations to govern
    Section 3: All Board Members shall operate in an ethical manner (both at the Club and in the community at all times)
    supporting the Club, its members and its activities by upholding the Club’s “Bylaws” and “Rules and Regulations”. Board
    members are to assist the other Directors with their projects; communicate project status and plans to other Board members. All
    Board members are to be encouraging to all members; encourage member involvement in the various club projects.
    Section 4 : The President shall preside at the meetings of the Club and all meetings of the Board of Directors. The President
    shall be a member “ex facto” of all regular and special committees, and provide leadership and direction of Club activities.
    Section 5: The Vice President shall assist the President in all matters pertaining to the business of operating the Club, and shall
    serve as an aide to the President at all times. The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President, in case an absence
    should occur, or if requested to do so by the President. In case of a vacancy in the office of the President, he/she shall
    automatically assume the office of the President.
    Section 6: The Secretary shall act as recording secretary at all general membership meetings, board of Directors meetings, and
    special meetings and shall keep a complete and accurate account of all proceedings of the Club. The Secretary shall maintain
    club organizational documentation, keep and maintain archival records. The Secretary must have basic word processing skills.
    Section 7: The Treasurer shall be responsible for depositing all monies collected by members during the course of club activities,
    including funds collected from membership dues, and all other money belonging to the Club. Have custody of all funds and shall
    pay out of the funds all just bills and debts of the Club upon two signatures. The board shall choose the two cosigners of Club
    checks by a unanimous vote of the board. Make a report of the Club’s finances at the Club’s regular meetings and to the Board
    when they meet. Maintain archival financial records. The treasurer’s books shall be audited once a year by the Board. The
    Treasurer must have basic “spreadsheet” skills. In the event that the Treasurer is unable to perform his or her duties, the
    President shall perform the duties of Treasurer until the Treasurer can again resume his or her duties or a replacement has been
    Section 8: The Membership Director shall be responsible to provide membership renewal documentation to all current
    members via online, at the clubhouse, or by U.S. mail upon request (stamps and envelopes provided by the Club) with dues
    adjusted for the “Work Commitment”; receive annual renewals; verify completeness of the forms; maintain accurate pertinent
    member information (including probationary status); explain privileges and responsibilities of membership; assure the new
    member is given an orientation packet pertaining to the Club, shown around by the Membership Director or his
    designee, provide a membership card and copies of the Rules and Regulations and Bylaws. The Membership Director should
    have the computer skills to perform the duties outlined.
    Section 9: The Director of Publicity and Public Relations shall provide the local media with club related projects and
    announcements. Communicate via e-mail to the membership information about the Club activities and send reminders to the
    board and membership about meetings. Provide the membership with a monthly e-mail newsletter after the first Monday of the
    month general meeting. This Director must have good computer and communication skills.
    Section 10: The Range Director shall ensure all Club firearm shooting activities are conducted in a safe manner by following
    all club safety rules and practices; identify and implement new safety rules as situations dictate; assist in the scheduling and
    organization of all shooting activities; ensure these activities run smoothly and efficiently by soliciting volunteers to
    assist/manage the activity; assure all necessary materials are available; schedule post league banquets, parties, etc.
    Section 11: The Leagues Director (formerly Archery Director) shall serve as the liaison person between the Board of Directors
    and League Managers and vice-versa. The League Director shall assist in presenting plans and proposals from the leagues to the
    Board; ensure that Standard Operating Procedures for each league are established and followed; shall identify and implement
    new safety rules as situation dictate; shall assure all necessary materials are available; shall oversee and assist in scheduling and
    organizing league activities and ensure these activities run smoothly and efficiently by soliciting volunteers to assist/manage the
    Section 12 : The Buildings and Grounds Director shall ensure that the Club facilities are clean, well maintained and safe for
    use for projects, activities, and/or events. The Building and Grounds Director may organize and direct “work groups” as necessary
    to complete routine maintenance and/or special projects.
    Section 13: A quorum of the board shall consist of one (1) member more than one-half (1/2) the number of members of
    the Board.
    Section 14: No more than 2 persons per immediate family will be allowed to hold a Director’s position. No more than 1
    family unit can sit on the board at any one time. No more than one family unit, consisting of two immediate family members can
    set on the board at any one time. Immediate family includes parents, spouses, siblings or children. Immediate family members
    on the Board will not have simultaneous fiduciary privileges.
    Section 1: The Board shall appoint a nominating committee of two or more members who are responsible to confirm
    incumbent’s intentions and find qualified candidates starting in the month of August. The candidates for election to the Board
    shall be nominated by the committee, volunteer or be nominated and seconded from the floor.
    Section 2: Candidates shall be elected by a majority vote at the November General Membership meeting. The voting shall be
    conducted by written paper ballot. Voting will be by members in good standing who have completed their six (6) month
    probationary period, and who are physically present at the designated meeting for the election.
    Section 3: A Sergeant-At-Arms shall be appointed by the President to hand out ballots at the election meeting. The Sergeant-
    At-Arms will be responsible for providing ballots only to members who have voting privileges (good standing and completed the
    six months probation). Verification may be made by presenting a current membership card and/or checking the current
    membership roster.
    Section 4: The newly elected Board members shall be seated immediately following the announcement of the election results.
    Section 5: A Director may serve for a period of two (2) years in the office or until the time their successor is elected. The office
    of President, Secretary, and Directors of Leagues, Building and Grounds, and Range will be up for election on odd numbered
    years. The election for the office of Vice President, Treasurer, and Directors of Publicity and Membership shall be held on even
    numbered years.
    Section 6: The Board may appoint a member of the Club to fill any vacancy on the Board. Such appointments shall be for the
    duration of the term of the Director the member replaces.
    Section 1: There shall be a monthly meeting of the General Membership on the first Monday of each month. In the event of the
    first Monday falling on a holiday, the general meeting will be held on the second Monday of the month. Board meetings shall be
    on the last Monday of the month unless otherwise scheduled. All meetings of the members and of the Board may be held at the
    Houghton Lake Sportsmen’s Club or any other acceptable location within the County of Roscommon in the State of Michigan. A
    membership quorum is required to hold any vote by the membership. Board meetings are open to any member who wishes to
    attend. Any member who has any club business they would like to address to the board shall plan with the board President to
    attend a meeting.
    Section 2: A quorum is defined at ten (10) percent of the total number of members in the Club, in good standing. A quorum for
    Board action is defined as one (1) member more than one-half (1/2) of the number of members on the Board of Directors.
    Section 3: Special meetings may be called by any Board member when a majority of the Board deems it necessary. If a special
    meeting is called there is no requirement necessary to notify club membership that a special meeting has been called.
    Section 4: Notice of special meetings shall contain the date, time and place of the special meeting of the Board. Notice shall be
    given by the Board member calling the meeting via email or personal communication over the telephone at least twenty-four (24)
    hours prior to the meeting. The purpose of the meeting shall be provided in the notice.
    Section 5: A member elected to the Board who fails to attend five in combination Board and General Membership Meetings
    within 12 consecutive months may be replaced by a majority vote of the Board, if in their judgment the said Director does not
    have a legitimate excuse for the non-attendance. The Director may appeal to the Board in person.
    Section 1: The Club shall reserve the right to dissolve at any time by a three quarters vote of the total membership, in good
    Section 2: Every member shall be entitled to vote in person or by absentee ballot appointed by instrument in writing subscribed
    to by each member or by his duly authorized attorney. Upon dissolution the property can never be sold, and any remaining bills
    or debts shall be paid. The property and remaining assets will be donated to another like non-profit organization.
    Section 1: Any proposed amendment shall be presented in writing by the Board of Directors or any club member, in good
    standing, at a regular, special, or board of Directors meeting. Any proposed amendment presented by a member shall have the
    written support of ten (10) different members, all of whom are in good standing.
    Section 2: Each By-Law amendment shall reference a specific article and section in the By-Laws. Any proposed amendment
    presented by the Board of Directors shall have the written support of a majority of the entire board. Once a proposed amendment
    has been presented at a regular, special or Board of Directors meeting it shall be sent to the General Membership via e-mail or
    U.S. mail at least thirty days prior to the next regular monthly meeting of the Club.
    Section 3 : After the thirty days waiting period has lapsed, the amendment shall be read to the General Membership at the next
    regular monthly meeting. Once read, the President shall call for any changes, deletions, or corrections on the proposed
    amendment. The member sponsoring the amendment, or the Director(s) sponsoring the amendment, shall be consulted and either
    concur with the changes or withdraw the proposed amendment. If the sponsoring member or Director is not present at the regular
    monthly meeting, the amendment will be tabled until the next regular monthly meeting.
    Section 4: The President will then call for a vote on the amendment. An affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of all
    members present at a regular monthly meeting is required to enact any amendment. A vote on any amendment can only be
    taken if a quorum of the General Membership is present.
    Robert’s “Rules of Order” shall be the Parliamentary guide and authority of this organization.
    Date approved: 11/4/2019
    by: Houghton Lake Sportsmen’s Club Membership & Board of Directors