Indoor Ranges Open

Covid 19 Rules for Opening the Clubhouse
If you don’t feel well or have a fever, stay home 1. For now instead of signing the normal sign in sheet please fill out the Covid hold harmless and put the time in and time out on this same sheet. 2. Use only range number two or the archery range. Don’t wander around the rest of the club house without purpose. 3. Everyone must wear a mask unless you are all from the same household. 4. There should be no more than five people in the clubhouse at onetime. 5. If you enter and there would be more than five people, invoke the half hour rule and wait outside. 6. The club will supply a sanitizer in a spray bottle and paper towels to wipe it down with. 7. It is recommended that you sanitize any surface that you will come in contact with before you start. It is Mandatory that you sanitize any surface that you have touched before you leave.( door handles, rest room facilities, shooting benches, tables, chairs etc.) 8. Practice social distancing unless you are at the shooting benches where you have a partition between each of you.All other club rules still apply Thank you from the board for working with us during this mess.
Thank you, The Board of Directors

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