We are proud to be a sponsor of the JR. ANGLER program. What a great opportunity for young people to get involved in fishing and have fun. For more information, go to: https://lymansonthelake.com/junior-anglers-club

Why are we doing this?

Because if you’re like me, some of the best memories from childhood involves fishing. My brother, some of our buddies and myself would grab a pack of hooks and some sinkers, lay the fishing poles across the handlebars of our bikes and we’d pedal 5 miles down to the lake…we found our bait under logs and rocks and fished from shore. We didn’t exactly slay the fish, but we loved the adventure.

Going fishing is not all about catching fish. It’s about making memories with people you care about, enjoying nature and getting unplugged from work and school. We started Lyman’s Junior Anglers Club to encourage today’s kids to learn how to fish and make their own memories. Memories created while fishing with family and friends can last a lifetime.

Here at Lyman’s on the Lake we encourage all children to fish. We will provide guidance with tips and tricks in our store while helping with all your fishing needs!

As a member of our Junior Anglers Club your youth will enjoy many benefits all year long. Including a special prize for getting all the fish on their catch card!


Kurt Beachnau


Lyman’s on the Lake