Outdoor Ranges Open

Hello everyone,
We want everyone to know that we are going to open the Lower ranges and the Black Powder range starting Wednesday April 29, 2020. In addition to the normal range rules that are still in place, we have new rules we must adhere to in order to open these ranges safely. The Clubhouse is still closed.​
1. If you feel sick or have medical issues stay home.​
2. There will be a spray bottle of bleach water on the gate, spray the lock & gate when you open it. There will also be spray bottles of bleach water on all of the ranges. Use it on all surfaces before you shoot and after you are done. Bring your own disinfectants if need be to keep safe.​
3. You must bring and use masks and disposable gloves and use the 6′ distancing rule. No exceptions.​
4. Board members will be monitoring the ranges to make sure these rules are being kept. We reserve the right to shut down the ranges immediately if these rules are not being followed.​

The combination will be the one on your 2019/2020 membership card.

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