All members are required to enforce all safety rules while using any of the ranges at HLSC.

Safety First Governs All Other Rules.

1. All members using any Range are required to sign-in, in The Range Book for the Range and check the range prior to shooting for any damage, and/or hazards and note same in the sign-in-book or call a club director.

2. When entering the Clubhouse if the “Range in Use” sign is on the door, use the side door to enter.

3. Eye and hearing protection is mandatory for everyone using the gun ranges (or spectators).

4. All outdoor shooting is to be aimed at targets placed in front of and substantially below the top of the earthen berms.  NO OTHER DIRECTION!  Any shot over a berm is unfriendly fire and subject to discipline.

5. We run Cold Ranges. Therefore, loaded firearms are prohibited anywhere on club property except on the firing line.  The only exceptions are CPL holders and their guns must remain holstered unless at a firing line.

6. If using the Indoor Firearms Ranges, the exhaust fan(s) must be used.  On Range#1 that switch is located on the East wall under the P.A. cabinet along with the light switch for the targets down range.  On Range#2 the light switches and exhaust fan are located to your left.  The exhaust timers give you an hour of range time.  If both ranges are being used at the same time, you must pull down and secure the RED lever located next to the PA Cabinet, to equalize both exhaust fans.  Please remember to turn the exhaust fan timers off if you finish early because it draws air from the outside.

7. Any one observing a dangerous situation which may endanger persons or property if firing were to continue shall give the command to “CEASE – FIRE” or “STOP”.  If you hear those words STOP immediately!

8. Never turn around at the firing line while holding a firearm.   The direction of the firearm must always be down range.  If you must see behind, make sure the gun is safe & pointed downrange before turning around.

9. There will be no horseplay, on any range during firing, training, or with firearms at any time.

10. Never proceed to a location in front of the firing line until directed to do so.  This includes picking up dropped equipment.  Further, no one shall move forward of the firing line on any firearms range without making sure all firearms have their chambers open, unloaded, and a ECI (empty chamber indicator) has been placed in the chamber.  All shooters are to be back of the firing line, before the line is called safe to go down range.

11. No person is permitted back to the shooting bench behind the firing line when people are down range.

12. Know the specific rules of the range you are on, and observe all signs or postings pertaining to the proper ammunition that can be fired (or not fired) on that range.   If you ever have any questions, concerns, or doubts ask the RO, RSO or contact a Board Member before proceeding.

13.  Shotgun slugs may ONLY be fired on the main outdoor rifle range.   For test pattering of a shotgun with shot, the Action Bays are to be used (supply your own large piece of cardboard). See Range Description!

14. The Metal silhouettes on the outdoor rifle range are for .22 long rifle ammunition only!  Metal plates on the Action Pistol Ranges cannot be shot with Magnum rounds.  These and the metal silhouettes on the Black Powder Range are the only metal targets allowed at the club at this time.  Any member(s) or Guest(s) of said member who damages the metal targets by shooting the wrong ammunition will be responsible for the damages and subject to review by the Club’s Board of Directors.

15. Other than noted above, the use of paper targets is the only type of target permitted on ranges.  No cans, glass bottles, explosive targets, clays, etc.  No personal target holders are to be used on any of the HLSC ranges. Targets are to be centered on target boards so as not to hit posts or cross members of said frames.  All used targets are to be removed by the shooter prior to leaving the range

16. No high-power rifles or ammunition, black powder muzzle loaders, or shotguns are allowed on the Indoor Firearms Ranges.  Pistol Caliber Carbines (PCC) and .22LR rifles are allowed indoors provided they don’t exceed 1600FPS when shooting the indoor targets.

17. All members using the firearms ranges are required to bring their cased firearm to the bench area or Designated Safety Area (DSA), at which time the gun is to be pointed down range, checked and made safe.  After making safe (magazines out and unloaded) the shooter may put the gun in a holster or place an ECI (empty chamber indicator) in the open chamber before removing it from the bench or firing line area.

18. There will be no uncontrolled or unsighted fire with a (handgun or rifle) at anytime on any firearms ranges except while under direct supervision by an RO or RSO and as a written stage briefing or class exercise.

19. Full automatic firearms*, tracer ammunition, armor piercing, or.50 caliber BMG are always prohibited!  *(or any devices that when added to the firearm simulate “auto-mode” like a bump-stock or similar device)

20. When two or more members are shooting on any range, a “Range Safety Officer” shall be designated among those shooting to control the firing line and insure all safety procedures of the HLSC Range Rules are followed.  Preference should be given to “Certified Range Safety Officers” if present.

21. All members are responsible to make sure that when they are using the club’s firearms range(s) that they, and anyone else are shooting responsibly.   As a member if you view anyone appearing unfamiliar with a firearm or using it in an unsafe manner, you should call a “Cease-Fire” or “STOP” on the firing line and direct them to the safety procedures.

22. All members using any of the club ranges are required to clean up after they have finished, by picking up all brass, litter, and refuse and placing it in the proper receptacle.  Members are also required to turn off lights, fans, etc. before leaving the facility.

23. When using the outdoor lower range facility, the entrance gate MUST always remain open while in use for emergencies access if needed.  It is the responsibility of the last member to insure no one else is in the lower ranges and to secure the gate when leaving.

24. At no time will both indoor firearms ranges be used simultaneously with the indoor archery range.  In case of conflict for use of the building (such as a pistol shooter wanting to use a range while archery is in use) the person(s) using a range first shall have one half hour (“The Half Hour Rule”) to finish his shooting, after which they should “take turns”.  Note: Board meetings, approved events, leagues and regularly scheduled events always take precedence on who may use the range at any given time.

25. At no time will both the indoor ranges and the Black Powder Range be used.

26. At no time will both the Outdoor Archery 3D Range and the Black Powder Range be used. Close the Black Powder Range before and reopen after each use of the 3D Archery Range. 

NRA Fundamental Rules for Safe Gun Handling.





HLSC Range Safety Rules Revised April 9, 2021