Houghton Lake Sportsmen’s Club Rules and Regulations

The Houghton Lake Sportsmen’s Club (HLSC) is a non-profit 501-C (7) organization operated for the benefit of its members and the community.  It is governed by the HLSC By-Laws that can be found on the HLSC web-page.  In addition to the HLSC By-Laws, the following rules have been established to help the HLSC members enjoy a safe, fun and friendly environment when using the facilities.  These rules have been given to all the members.  Your support and cooperation are needed to make our club and club activities both safe and enjoyable.  It should be noted that flagrant or repeated violations of the HLSC Rules and Regulations, the Range Safety Rules or League Standard Operation Procedures can result in the suspension and or expulsion from the club, per the HLSC By-Laws. 

*Training Instructors of the Club may review, modify and make exceptions to the rules for club sanctioned activities (Hunter Education, CPL, etc.) when the training instructor is using training aids of choice for the classes being taught. 


  1. The indoor ranges can be accessed any time of day except when there are scheduled events taking place (leagues, meetings, etc.)  Hours of operation for the all outdoor firearms ranges are: Monday thru Friday 9:00a.m .to 9:00p.m., Saturday and Sunday 10:00a.m. to 9:00p.m.  Note: Shooting events at the outdoor ranges are only permitted to run simultaneously on the weekends by Board Approval and strict adherence to hours of operation. (E.I. Appleseed & 2700 match)
  2. Members can bring an occasional guest, but that person shall be a guest no more than 3 times within one year.  Any further use of the club facilities requires that person to become a member.  Further, the member shall not allow or authorize any non-member to use the facilities unless that member is present.
  3. All guests of a member who wish to use the shooting facilities must fill out a Hold Harmless/Liability Form for that day, sign and date it.  Members who brought the guest are also required to sign and date the form at the bottom.
  4. All the indoor and outdoor HLSC ranges have a sign-in book.  No member or guest shall use any of the ranges without first signing the sign-in-book with their name, date, time of day and type of caliber(s) being used.  When finished using the ranges, they must sign out and include the end time and number of rounds fired.
  5. No member shall use the HLSC name, clubhouse, ranges, and or grounds in any manner to achieve personal gains.  This includes but not limited to unauthorized events, personal training classes, soliciting funds and or gifts in the name of the HLSC, etc.  Board approved activities and bulletin board items are excluded.
  6. No member shall remove any item belonging to the club from the property without the permission of a Board Member.
  7. No member shall give a non-member any key or combination to any lock at the club.  Violation will be subject to suspension and or expulsion.
  8. The HLSC ranges and property are private and so posted.  Anyone using them must be a member and able to prove same by showing a valid membership card if asked.  Individuals participating in a Board approved activity are exempted.  All members are requested to help enforce this regulation.
  9. There shall be NO members, family, and guest(s) having alcohol, marijuana or other mind altering substances or be under its influence at any of the club’s ranges or property. This also includes the use of illegal drugs or being under their influence.
  10. Smoking is prohibited in any part of the clubhouse at any time.  Smoking is also prohibited on all outdoor ranges, while on the firing line and underneath all covered shooting structures. Smoking is also prohibited within 25’ of any building or covered structure.
  11. All members using any of the club facilities (including the ranges) are required to clean up after they have finished, by picking up all brass, litter and refuse and placing it in the proper receptacle.  Members are also required to turn off lights, fans, etc. before leaving the facility.
  12. There will be no loaded firearms anywhere on club property except on the firing line.  The only exception to this rule are CPL holders, and their firearms must remain holstered unless at a firing line.
  13. Know the HLSC Range Safety Rules and the specific rules for the firearms range you are on.
  14. All members are responsible for safety.  Members should make sure that when they are using the club facilities that they, their guest(s), or any other members are acting and shooting responsibly.   As a member you should not allow unsupervised children, horseplay or condone anyone violating the HLSC Rules and Regulations or Range Safety Rules.  If you witness rule violations, you should call for a “Cease Fire,” or “STOP,” make the firing line safe and advise that member or guest of the violation before proceeding.  If members or guests ignore, repeat or engage in flagrant violations, they are to be reported to a board member preferably the Range Director.

Procedures for reporting violations as above:

The Board or a Board Member is notified about the infraction(s) committed by the member.  The complaint will be in writing and include what happened, when and by who.  Also witnesses shall be identified so the Board can investigate.

After this is complete the Board may:

1. Offer to meet with the offender to try to come to a reasonable solution.  

2. Depending on the severity of the offense, the Board may implement but not be limited to the following:

     a.  A VERBAL warning (a written form stating that it is a verbal warning) signed by at least 2 board members and the member.

     b.  A WRITTEN warning (a written form) signed by at least 2 Board members and the member.

Note: If the member refuses to sign it will be so noted on the form.

3. May issue a 30-day suspension if the infraction(s) warrants it.

4. Dismiss the member from the Club per Article IV of the HLSC by-laws.  This would include, but not be limited to, all Club property and functions including events, functions and competitions open to the public.

Note: All these procedures will be in writing, signed by 2 Board members and the offending member.

Most Important Rule…BE SAFE, Make it fun!

NOTE:  HLSC is not in any way responsible for any property losses, accident or injury to persons or property while members are on the club’s premises.  Members and guests shoot at their own risk.

HLSC Rules & Regulations revised December, 16, 2019