Sight In Days 2020

Volunteers are needed for this years Sight In Days. Please call or email Range Director Ted Bayne. Phone 989-345-3871 Email

Covid 19 rules for Sight in Days

1. If the shooting benches are less than six feet apart we may have to use every other bench to maintain social distancing.

2. We normally have two club members help at each shooting bench. One operating the spotting scope and one assisting the shooter. We should reduce this to one helper per bench to reduce congestion at the firing line.

3. We should maintain social distancing at all times between not only club members but also those wishing to sight in their guns.

4. Face masks will be mandatory for everyone under the rifle range roof.

5. If a club member must sight in the gun for a customer.

     A. Sanitize the gun stock with disinfectant wipes .

     B. Wrap the stock with Saran Wrap before putting your cheek against the stock.

6. Use hand sanitizer before and after handling each gun.

7. If work must be done on a shooters gun, remove it from the shooting bench and take it into the storage room where a gun vice will be available, this will further reduce congestion on the firing line.

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