Steel League

Sign up time for the shoot will be 5:30 p.m. and start time 6:00 p.m. each Tue. afternoon until further notice. Ted Bayne will be setting up about 3:30 p.m. each day and could use some help setting up.

Below is a file containing rules for the safe operation due to the covid19 concerns. Please download and review the additional rules for this league.

Rules for Steel League

  1. Social distancing of at least six feet will be maintained by all present at all times.
  2. Scoring will be done on paper. One person will do all the scoring and only that
    person will handle the clipboard. When it is their turn to shoot someone else will
    sanitize their hands, take the board and score for them. Return the board to them
    and again sanitize their hands. The same procedure will be used with the timer.
  3. Keep your equipment separated, do no handle each other’s equipment. This includes brass. Either pick up your own brass or we can use a “grabber” to handle
  4. In the event that one participant must physically assist another, masks must be
    worn by both parties and hands must be sanitized immediately following.
  5. Hearing impaired shooters may be started with a stick on the shooters
    shoulder so the RO can maintain the six-foot distance.
  6. Since the RO will have to be six feet from the shooter the “show clear”
    procedure will have to be modified because the RO will not be able to see into the
    A. For those who bring their gun to the line in a bag or case no changes need to
    be made as the RO can see the empty magazine well and ECI from six feet.
    B. For those who carry their gun holstered, holster your guns at the safety table
    as you normally would. The only change will be at the “show clear” command,
    when you receive the command turn the magazine well toward the RO so he or
    she can see that there is no mag. in the gun. Then open the action and insert a
    ECI into the chamber making sure the RO can see it. Remove the ECI and close
    the action. Wait for the command “hammer down”. Drop the hammer and on
    command “holster”.
  7. Each squad will be limited to no more than 9 shooters including the RO. This is
    to minimize the possibility of personal contact. The less shooters on each squad
    the better.
  8. Each shooter will have to sign a supplemental Hold Harmless form dealing
    specifically with Covid-19 exempting the club from any liability connected to the
    corona virus.

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