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2021 Matches

Registration is from 8:30 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. Shooting starts at 10:00 a.m. The cost is $25 for non HLSC members and $20 for members. Classifier match is $30 for non HLSC members and $25 for members.

Outdoor Matches

  • Saturday April 24 5 stages +1 classifier
  • Saturday May 1 Classifier Match – 6 classifiers
  • Saturday June 5 5 stages +1 classifier
  • Saturday July 3 5 stages +1 classifier
  • Saturday August 7 5 stages +1 classifier
  • Saturday September 4 5 stages (hoser stages) +1 classifier
  • Saturday October 2 5 stages +1 classifier

For more information contact Rick Trojanowski 631-965-2429


In February of 2016 the Houghton Lake Sportsmen’s Club became affiliated with the the United States Practical Shooting Association and is now equipped to hold sanctioned matches at our outdoor range facilities.    

USPSA is a nationwide organization that was founded in 1976 and evolved from basic combat shooting matches throughout the southwest into the wide array multiple firearms divisions and competitions throughout the United States.  The organization boasts a membership roster of more that 25,000 and is affiliated with over 400 local clubs in all 50 States.  

The HLSC is one of several other clubs in Michigan that is proud to be affiliated with the USPSA organization.  Our website is linked to the National USPSA website (Michigan Section) which is accessible to the entire nation.  For more information and details you may click onto the email link shown below.  Club members who will be participating in these matches have taken the nickname of “The Houghton Lake Popper Plinkers”.       

We have scheduled the 2021 matches that are held once a month during the Spring, Summer and Fall Seasons with the first match beginning in April.  We welcome competitors from our surrounding area, nationwide and Canada to these monthly matches.

All matches take place at the Outdoor Ranges located at 6774 Nestel Road (between Tower Hill & Townline Roads) in Houghton Lake. 

The match format is similar to that of our Action Pistol league in which shooters are required to analyze the course stages, draw from holster, reload and negotiate the course obstacles while moving and shooting from target to target.  Competitors must be able to cope with and correct firearm malfunctions quickly and efficiently during the course of fire while still maintaining safe gun handling rules and procedures.  USPSA scoring is done on a “points per second” system to achieve a “hit factor”.  Three elements are taken into consideration to achieve a “hit factor” — speed, power and accuracy.  We will have up to 8 stages set up for these competition matches on our Outdoor Ranges. 

For more information about the USPSA Matches please contact Match Director Rick Trojanowski at 631-965-2429      

* Note:  Participants in these matches are NOT required to be members of the USPSA organization

TO REGISTER ONLINE FOR USPSA MATCH SCORES CLICK ONTO THE FOLLOWING LINK: https://practiscore.com/clubs/houghton_lake_popper_plinkers/calendar

Visit the USPSA Website at: http://www.uspsa.org

Michigan Section: http://uspsamichigansection.org/