Contact Info – Board of Directors


HLSC Clubhouse:
2929 Tower Hill Rd
Houghton Lake MI 48629
About a mile south of M-55, just north of Nestel Rd.

HLSC Mailing address:
Houghton Lake Sportsmen’s Club
PO Box 463
Houghton Lake, MI 48629

For any non-membership related information or needs, contact the Publicity Director. For any membership related questions or requests, please contact the Membership Director.

HLSC Board of Directors

The Houghton Lake Sportsmen’s Club Board of Directors conduct their monthly meetings on the last Monday of each month (unless otherwise noted) at the HLSC clubhouse beginning at 6:00 p.m.  Any member who would like to address any business with the club and with the Board are welcomed to contact a Board member to arrange to attend a meeting. 


For General Information about the Houghton Lake Sportsmen’s Club, email to:
For Membership Information, email to: 

The Houghton Lake Sportsmen’s Club Board of Directors consists of 7 members elected to their positions each November by a majority vote by the club membership present at the general membership meeting.  Each Board Member serves in their position for a period of 2 years and is seated immediately following the announcement of the election results.  The office of President, Secretary, Building & Grounds Director elections for their positions in an odd numbered year. The office of Vice-President, Treasurer, Publicity Director and Membership Director hold elections for their position in an even numbered year.