2021 ANNUAL SIGHT-IN DAYS WILL BE ON SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13th & SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14th from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The Houghton Lake Sportsmen’s Club hosts an annual Deer Hunter’s Sight-In Days every November before the start of the Deer Hunting Firearm Season.  This club event is open to all area hunters as well as club members and serves to assist hunters in bringing their rifles to our range to get them sighted in for the start of the season.

This event is held at our Outdoor Rifle Range located at 6774 Nestel Road, between Tower Hill and Townline Roads in Houghton Lake.  Visitors will be greeted by a club member and given instructions for procedures to enter the range area.

Firearms must be in their case when brought to the range !

There is an $7.00 fee for each firearm brought to be sighted-in. As each visitor signs in, a club member will place their cased firearm inside the covered firing point table.

There will be 6 shooting benches set up and as each bench becomes available the next shooter in line will be taken to the firing point table and will designate their firearm from the table.   The club member will uncase it, will check the barrels to assure there are no obstructions and that the firearm is not loaded.  A club member will then bring the firearm to the bench where the shooter will choose what distance he or she wishes to shoot — 25 yards, 50 yards or 100 yards.   Each bench will have a spotting scope available to spot hits on the target and the club member will assist the shooter in making sight adjustments as necessary.

During the process there will be other club members on hand to help with any problems that arise with the firearm and to assist in changing targets on the range.   At all times there will be a Range Officer present to assure that safety rules are followed and that proper procedure and conduct are observed on the firing line.

SIGHT-IN DAYS ~~ November 12, 2016