This page provides information about becoming a member of the Houghton Lake Sportsmen’s Club. It also provides details to renew or reinstate membership to the club. Please arrive at the clubhouse at 6:00 p.m. during any monthly Membership Meeting to complete the application process.


The Houghton Lake Sportsman’s Club welcomes anyone into the Club who has an interest in Archery and Firearms shooting sports activities in a safe and enjoyable environment. Eligibility extends to any person who is a citizen of the United States and who has attained the age of 18 years or older.

  • Application for new membership shall be endorsed by at least one existing member of the Club, who will be their sponsor.  The applicant shall be presented to the Board of Directors at the next Membership Meeting where the applicant will be introduced to and approved for membership by a majority vote of the Membership.  Any new applicant who does not have a member sponsor shall be interviewed by at least one Board member who will act as their sponsor. 
  • New Membership dues are $60.00 for a single membership or $90.00 for a family membership per year.  In addition to the annual dues a new applicant is assessed a 1 time initiation fee of  $10.00 for single $15.00 for family for new membership.  The membership calendar year runs from June 1st of the current year until May 31st of the following year.  All NEW members are required to sign a “Hold Harmless Agreement” upon acceptance into the club. 
  • New members will undergo an orientation of the Club prior to receiving their Membership Card.  The orientation includes a study of the Range Safety Rules, the Club Rules & Regulations and an outline of the “Work Hours” volunteer program (see information below detailing the Work Hours program).  New members are given a tour of the club’s facilities and range areas.  
  • Members of the club have access to all of the Club’s facilities and range areas throughout the year on a 24/7 basis.  A member’s family (their spouse, children under the age of 18 and grandchildren under the age of 18) may have use of the facilities when accompanied by a member and may participate in the club leagues and matches.  Members may also invite guests to enjoy the offerings of the Club on a limited time basis.  Any non-member who accompanies a member to the range facilities must turn in a signed “Hold Harmless Agreement” on each visit in order to use the ranges.  
  • New members will be added to the club’s email roster and will receive club news and information (via email updates from the club’s Publicity Director) about all upcoming events and activities taking place at the club.

Dues Amounts: 

NEW MEMBERSHIP DUES:  $70.00 for a single membership or $105.00 for a family membership (Annual Dues + $10.00 Initiation Fee for a single membership $15.00 for a family membership)RENEWAL MEMBERSHIP DUES:  $60.00 for a single membership $90.00 for a family membership (Annual Dues) ~~ to be paid by June 1st.  $85.00 for single or $127.50 if Volunteer Hours was not completed during previous membership year. LATE RENEWAL MEMBERSHIP DUES:  $70.00 for single $105 for family ~~ if renewal is paid after July 1st REINSTATEMENT OF MEMBERSHIP DUES:  $70.00 single $105 family (Annual Dues + $10.00 single, $15.00 family Reinstatement Fee if membership has been lapsed for 6 months or more) 

All new members are required to attend a Safety Seminar / Orientation before a membership card is issued. There is one usually scheduled the day after our monthly membership meeting at 5:00 p.m. in our clubhouse. Others will be scheduled throughout the year as needed. Please check the website calendar for dates and times. We will go over the safety rules and club rules with a Power Point presentation which lasts about 1 hour and then a outdoor range tour will be given weather permitting.

RENEWAL MEMBERSHIP: DUE BY JUNE 1st of each current calendar year

The Membership Fiscal Year is from June 1 of the current year until May 31 of the following year. 

  • Renewing members are required to complete both sides of the Membership Application Form. 
  • Renewal dues are $60.00 per year for a single membership with 8 Volunteer Hours. $90.00 for a family membership with 12 Volunteer Hours completed during the past year.
  • Renewal dues are $85.00 per year for single or $127.50 for family if Volunteer Hours were NOT completed in the past year ($60.00 annual dues + $25.00 additional fee for single $90.00 annual dues + $37.50 additional fee for family.
  • Late Renewal dues are an additional $10 for single and $15 for family if received AFTER July 1st.
  • Members may obtain this form at the clubhouse if they do not have access to a computer.           Members are also reminded of the HLSC “Volunteer Hours” request policy ~~ 
  • As a member you are asked to volunteer a minimum of 8 hours for single 12 hours for family membership per year for activities and projects in and around the club. 
  • Any member who does not fulfill this request will be assessed the additional dues stated above to renew membership.

New Membership Applications, Renewal Applications & Reinstatement Applications are to be turned in during any monthly Members Meeting.  New Members & Renewing Members are asked to arrive at the clubhouse at 6:00 p.m. – prior to the start of the meeting – to complete the paperwork and pay the annual dues.  

Applications and dues can also be mailed in to the club’s Membership Director:

HLSC Mailing Address: Houghton Lake Sportsmen’s Club    

P.O. Box 463 Houghton Lake, MI 48629


Contact John Delaney at 989-387-5027 or email him at