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Below is an email that’s being sent out individually to all of our members by the board to correct a problem we’re having with our new email system.

September 2020
Dear members
Hopefully you’re receiving the emails being sent from our publicity director. We’re having a problem with our new email system that the emails are being put in the recipients’ spam or junk mail folder. If this is happening the club email will need to be redirected to your inbox. The board is attempting to send out individual emails to all our members to avoid a costly USPS mailing. The addresses that the spam emails are coming from are:,,
Please, if you happen to talk to other members ask them if they are receiving club emails and inform them of the problem.
Thanks in advance for your help.
HLSC Board of Directors

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5 Responses

  1. David Unger says:

    Just a question. Is the club doing sight in days on November 13 and 14? If so, I would like to help out.

  2. Gerald Nowak says:

    John: I could work Sat. 1-9-21 from 10: 00 – 1:00 ( I think that was the time ) let me know if I’m needed. Thanks, Gerald Nowak

  3. Brian Dawson says:

    I’m not sure this is the proper forum but I have 800 CCI 300 Large Pistol Primers I can’t use and would like to straight swap them for some small pistol primers if anyone is interested. Thank You!

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